National Energy Globe Award Costa Rica 2021 Project: “Effective strengthening of mangrove ecosystems in Costa Rica (Térraba Sierpe) and improvement of the quality of life of the local coastal population

Project Summary from the Applicant: The mangrove restoration project has been coordinated with the Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación from Costa Rica (SINAC), which manages the Térraba-Sierpe National Wetland (HNTS). The HNTS houses the largest mangrove ecosystem in Costa Rica and one of the largest in Central America, however, deforestation, extension of the agricultural frontier, erosion and effects of climate change have become a threat to one of the most vulnerable ecosystems to climate change. Within the HNTS´s mangrove ecosystem there are more than 2500 hectares dominated by the Acrostichum aureum fern. The dominance of the fern in these areas is due to deforestation decades ago. The fern prevents the natural regeneration of the mangrove so its intervention is necessary. SINAC intends to restore these sites as a strategy for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, however, it is necessary to find the best strategy ecologically and economically. Mangroves have an important role in mitigation, by fixing up to 5 times more CO2 than other ecosystems. Since 2017 Osa Conservation began with the mangrove restoration project, which has allowed the generation of experiences and the improvement of the techniques used. So far, the restoration of 40.6 hectares has been achieved. The restoration actions have been carried out jointly with the community, specifically an association of 45 piangüeros (APREMAA). Working with APREMAA has allowed the generation of more than 30 jobs helping to reduce their climate vulnerability. With the restoration work they have stopped extracting between 50,000 and 100,000 units of piangüa (mollusk). The community has understood the necessity for good resource management and has integrated into a sustainable management plan for piangüa, obtaining licenses for extraction. To improve adaptation capacity and reduce climate vulnerability of communities, on November 24, 2020, the construction of a piangüa collection center began. Project Video: https:\\\watch?v=s0g6jmaNOus Contact data:

Organisation: Asociación Conservación Osa

Contact person: Javier Rodríguez-González/ Andres Santana   

Country: Costa Rica Phone: (+506) 2735 5756, (+506) 88319965


For any further questions contact the Energy Globe team,!

The Award Ceremony activity will take place on Nov. 2021, by Dr. Shyam S. Nandwani, Honorary Ambassador of Energy Globe Foundation for Costa Rica. .


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